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Common Mistake That Cause Truck Accidents. Fatigued drivers are one of the causes of truck accidents. Le t us say that this are drivers who are tired and they need to rest but being that they need more money they keep driving even if they are exhausted. The drivers while drive even if they are fatigued since they are paid according to the miles that they cover. The more miles you cover the more money you get. When you are fatigued there is poor coordination between the brain and other parts of the body hence causing accidents. This is going to make the driver lose concentration while driving or even sleep on the steering . As a result we are going to make majority of truck accidents. Another cause is also inexperienced drivers. Even an ordinary man can tell the difference between experienced driver and inexperienced driver. He has been able to learn a lot of skills in the field in many years he has been driving. They can calculate distances on the road since they know true nature of the road. Unlike new drivers who does not know the true nature of the road. Many accidents will be experienced with inexperienced drivers. Truck driving is totally different from other commercial vehicles.
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Poor truck maintenance can also result in truck accidents. A truck can be poorly maintained as a result of the negligence of the manufactures and the mechanic. It is a necessity that a truck should be well maintained and serviced before it is taken to the road . Always make sure that it is in good working condition. The regular maintenance practices should be done on the brakes, fluid, tire and also the condition of the engine . Poorly maintained truck can suddenly stop in a busy sloppy road and this may result into a very fatal road accident. This is so since other trucks and cars that are coming were not aware of that sudden stop and they will end up running into each other. We also have improper loading as a cause of truck accidents. When the cargo is not loaded properly it can lead to shifting and uneven weight distribution. Due to shifting and uneven weight distribution driver is going to have hard time controlling the truck and this may cause accident. Distracted drivers also cause truck accidents. For instance a driver can be distracted by the site of a beautiful lady in short dress among other many ways. Other distracters are smart phones and flat screen navigation systems, smoking, eating or even texting . These situations can make the driver to cause a serious accident out of his knowledge.